Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Black & White Still Winter. (2013)

Every now and then we have a glimpse at a coming thaw. But with snow in piles on sidewalks and the not-so-white salted roads, winter, and a time of black and white, needs to continue.

A friend recently said to me: "I don't really believe in a dark night of the soul. Night is too dramatic and glowing with possibility. Even its lows are deep. I believe in the gray dawn of the soul because that's the hour when subterfuge fails and faith has nowhere to hide."

In a season of black and white, like a season of night, I am at peace in the present moment and yet happy to explore what happens in time. As for my annual February quest, I know haven't seen enough this year. For 2013, these viewings, for a little while, need to continue.

Soon Spring and color will make their way to these parts. For now, I'm content. Happy to simply be, and not wait. Let the cold winds die down in their own time. I am gray in a black and white world.

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