Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Reaction 2011

A Black and White February Interruption.

Not the same as usual "Meh" this year. I really felt 2010 was a great film year, many of the Oscar films included. I felt great for the wonderful The King's Speech, and happy for Bier's In a Better World, and also for Colin Firth and Natalie Portman and even Christian Bale.

I predicted nine winners this year and got eight of them right. Um, if I were at the horses, I'd be headed for the door never returning to the track.

I may never return anyway, due to my most cynical pick actually coming true -- the Oscars no longer know the difference between cinematography and CGI. Forget: "Video killed the Radio Star," now it's: "Graphics killed the visual win." Avatar and Inception are now your last two cinematographic winners, Academy. Congrats to the terminally confused. No wonder Godard hates you.

And I say this as a fan of Inception, and a fellow that didn't even mind Avatar, for what it's worth.

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