Friday, November 26, 2010

Letters to Juliet. (2010) Gary Winick

Sometimes cardboard cutouts still remind me of life's need and purpose. Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock have sucked me into card-box thinking before, and now it's Amanda Seyfried, with her big pretty eyes and playful though predictable dialogue. Oh, I'm not going to get all mushy about this romcom -- if you can even call it that (it didn't have much com for its rom) -- but I want to go easy on a film I give a Netflix 2-out-of-5 stars to. It's not as bad a story as it deserves to be rated as a film.

There's a lot here showing characters who need the plot to drive them -- they wouldn't exist if they weren't meant for the next scene. And there are some awful moments where the back(d)flop of music adds elements of cheese we wish weren't there -- not that Taylor Swift's song is bad (I really don't think it is), but here, when it's added, it's like three weeks past the sell date on Aldi's Swiss cheese. Who didn't know that she would be, "Crying on the staircase," begging him to please not go?...

But once you get past the cheese and cardboard, there's a felt need here, and I won't say I wasn't somewhat affected. I will say that I didn't buy any of it -- at least how it's represented here, in this film -- but the idea that we really do need love is still there, and that's the part that got me.

So sue me. I need love. And I liked a film that I still only give a predictable lovey-dovey 2/5 for a predictable lovey-dovey huggie-bear film. There are turns in the dark halls of everyone's twisted journey.

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