Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jesus of Montreal. (1989) Denys Arcand

Here's another solid entry into our Top 100.

Voted #88 this year, the film revolves around a ragtag group of actors performing a passion play for the local Catholic church. What they come up with is unorthodox, but well accepted by everyone except the church itself. "Institutions," claims a broken priest, "live longer than individuals."

It's too bad that the church has to cancel this production -- it was the most honest passion play I've seen. Those involved seem affected by the story, too -- they are somewhat disciples rather than actors in the end.

Here's a movie staging a theater production of a 2000 year-old story, a story which still brings me to tears. I can't imagine any real church having the budget of the church here, but it's an ideal to aim at for anyone interested in telling the gospel story.

The film is streaming at Netflix only for a few more days. My friend, Peter Chattaway, wrote an excellent blurb Here.

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