Monday, December 14, 2009

The Maid. Sebastián Silva (2009)

It matters how I treat people, no matter who or where they are. A family member, a fellow employee, a fellow waiting with me at the subway. Class and religion matter less, the older you decide to grow. The ability to cross borders is more than just a topic about land and its residents. Right here and right now, we have more potential for an all inclusive humanity than has been possible ever before. How we treat our fellow travelers matters. It's a blessing to be able to bless.

My thoughts race back to Lucy in The Maid. What is it that makes her so appealing, so attractive, so wonderful? It's that she reaches out and broadcasts love, that she sees through the walls put up by The Maid -- that she is willing to become vulnerable herself, in her attack on the crack in one's armor. One can't help to be a little mystified, a little mesmerized by her. In reaching out, she reaches in. She's a social Mother Teresa. The kind of friend I long for. The kind of friend I want to be.

Bonds of estrangement break when we remember that life is really about living. I think back to Dead Poet's Society, and the sermonizing about sucking the sap out of life. Lucy is after life's sap, and she invites others to join with her. If one chooses to be by her side in reveling in new found life, she makes them think it was their idea all along. This makes The Maid feel even better about her own growth.

We have the opportunity to be a blessing or a curse wherever we go. We can choose to bring heaven or hell to anyone's condition, at any moment on our journey. The inspiration of a character like Lucy transcends the idea that we're simply watching a movie. She works better on me than a Sunday sermon. She makes me want to be like Jesus.

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