Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Lite. (2011)

I hate to pick on Brian De Palma. I really do. I like his films, the ones I've seen anyway, so I feel kinda bad taking a month to chronologically focus on his output while I refer to the ordeal as "June Lite."

I guess there are two reasons why I chose to use June like this:

1. I'm currently taking on other artistic endeavors and don't have time for much in-depth writing in my reactions to film. I'm taking this month off to simply go "lite."

2. De Palma's films perfectly cater to my need to be "lite" for a little while. While fun in terms of style and form, the films give me little to actually chew over, nothing much to think about in depth. I don't find much "spiritual significance" or nourishment in De Palma films, but I know several of the movies are stylistic showpieces, great for eye candy, and that's fine for me right now. They are exactly what I need at this point in time - I can watch as many as I want, and not feel the need to think or write too much.

So my concentration on De Palma this month will give me a reprieve from thinking! - while not losing ground with those all important two words: Film and Fun. There are sixteen De Palma films I'd like to get to. We'll see whether that goal can be achieved.


  1. Sixteen films? That's quite a lot.

    I'll follow your "June Lite" progress with great interest.

  2. Thanks, Ryan!

    Yeah, I was aiming for sixteen. I may not record them all (if you've seen my film journals you know I see a whole lot more than I write about). Some films I may just post a picture and a few words. But I think you'll like what I'm working on for tomorrow, a reaction to Sisters, which I started out with. It was, um, well, about as bad, maybe worse than you'd already described to me. :)


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