Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Devil. (2010) John Erick Dowdle

Bojana Novakovic dragged to hell... again.

I know I said the intended use of the rest of March would be set aside for catching up with a few foreign films I hadn't gotten around to, but this little horror/thriller morality tale completely took me by surprise. I popped it in tonight looking only for a quick fix, a bit of lighter fare, but, wow, wish I'd seen this one in the theater. Great little film ripped straight out of I Peter 5:8. M. Night is responsible for the story -- what, has this guy been digging into the Good Book lately? He'd better keep it up. It's certainly better stuff than his last two films.

I put up a speed of a bullet post with possible light spoilers at A&F; if you want to check out a "Reaction on the Fly," it is Here.

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