Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stroszek. (1977) Werner Herzog

I've recorded some thoughts here and I don't have time to write an official reaction for the Filmsweep blog, but I must simply say that I adore this film after seeing it for the first time last night.

There's so much to love, and especially when you go back through the commentary and listen to Herzog talk. As you're probably already aware, just listening to him talk anytime, anywhere, is a fun experience. But hearing him talk specifically about how Stroszek was made -- the actors, the non-actors, Bruno S., and the dancing chicken -- is a rich and rewarding experience, full of insight into Herzog's heart. He loves the stories of all kinds of people, and he loves relating them to the world in his films. We never know where the full truth lies with Herzog, but he is nothing less than an adventure every time.

Kudos to the A&F Top 100 again. It's a collaborative experience that keeps us learning and growing with each new challenge it brings.

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