Friday, May 7, 2010

Ruling Against Crude

Only three days ago I wrote about the documentary Crude and its heavy impact on me personally.

Today, the New York times has reported that a Federal Judge in Manhattan has ruled in favor of Chevron's lawsuit against Crude's director, Joe Berlinger. The filmmaker must turn over 600 hours of footage to Chevron, because the footage will be helpful to them in their continued desire to push their responsibility, and the Ecuadorian lawsuit, aside.

Story here in the NY Times, and here in the Associated Press.

Basically, Chevron is proving to me, as if I hadn't already learned, that American law is dead. That if you live in America and have money, you can influence whoever you want and get away with anything you desire. This is our world, folks. And these are the people who will curse it for their gain.

I had a heavier reaction when my friend first shared the articles with me here.

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