Monday, March 1, 2010

The 2010 Arts and Faith Top 100 Link

Here is the Link to the actual page I wrote about last night, and gosh, I think it's just lovely!

It just looks so nice! I'm so happy to see it! It's like watching my own little baby finally begin to get up and walk on its own.

IMAGE has had a huge hand in helping us with the design of the new page. My thanks goes out to them for what has obviously been some very hard work.

I would imagine that when it's all said and done, each film from the page will have a link to a page of its own. This is so cool. Have I mentioned how cool this is?

We've already  had  a few looks  from  some  heavy  hitters, and quite a few  bloggerstoo.

(edit: and More Keep Rollin' In...)

(edit again, the next day: Boston Phoenix, The Wrap, Paste, Pakistan Christian TV, Standard Newswire, This is really great, and less than two days in. Rather than continue to post links, I'll just post the link where we try to cover the coverage:
And Here It Is.)

I would imagine that there will be printed articles as well in the coming few weeks. Things will no doubt pick up steam as we stumble on ahead...

If you read this and have a contact in the press in your local area, please pass this info along!

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